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We do our best to keep the tattoo photo gallery updated with past and present clients that have had work done at our tattoo shop.  Sometimes clients leave before we get a chance to take a photo, and other times we haven’t had the chance to upload them to the website.  If you do not see your tattoo, body piercing, cosmetic tattoo or permanent makeup tattoo picture online – then please email us from the contact us page and send us the a photo to upload to our galleries!  We would like to see all of our clients beautiful tattoos uploaded to our website, so send us your pictures (send us a few!) if its not in our galleries at tattoo@bodyillusionsonline.com .

Enjoy the latest tattoo photos and be sure to check back often as we are always added past and present clients to the galleries.  We have SO many pictures, we just do a bunch at a time, in no particular order or preference, eventually they will all be up!

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Brantford Tattoo Shop – BodyIllusions