Who we are

BodyIllusions Tattoo Shop is located in Brantford, Ontario Canada at 23 King George Road.  We specialize in all styles of tattooing, body piercing from head to toe, electrosurgical branding, body modifications, permanent make-up and cosmetic tattooing!

We have the absolute best prices in the area – guaranteed!   Our artists have over 25+ years experience, with 1,000’s of satisfied clients from Brantford, Ontario and surrounding areas.  Just ask anyone who has been here about our service, tattoo quotes and friendly, comfortable surrounding…

Why choose us

We suggest everyone always visit a few shops in the area first, then make your decision where you would like to have your procedure done, we are proud to offer our clients:

  • #1 Best quotes in the entire region, guaranteed!
  • Comfortable, relaxing setting, we cater to cowards!
  • All styles of tattoos, cover-ups & permanent make-up
  • Experienced, knowledgeable artists with no attitude
  • Serving Brantford, Woodstock, Hamilton, Kitchener..!

Our experience levels

Tattoo Experience - 25+ years
Body Piercing Experience - 25+ years
Body & Electro-Surgical Branding Experience - 15+ years
Permanent Make-up Cosmetic Tattoos - 15+ years
Lowest Quotes in the Area - 25+ years



Henry Lee

tattoo artist, body piercer, branding

E-mail: tattoo@bodyillusionsonline.com
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Henry has been a tattoo artist for over 25+ years in Brantford, Ontario at BodyIllusions Tattoo Shop.  Specializing in all styles of tattoos including blackwork, bright colors, cover-ups, medical tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, cover-ups, fix-ups, tattoo restoration and more!  All forms of body branding and body modifications.  Cosmetic tattoos and Permanent Make-up is popular these days and Henry loves to perform all styles of permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing.


Jody Strangway

tattoo artist, body piercing assistant

E-mail: tattoo@bodyillusionsonline.com
Facebook: Like us, Share us, Visit Us!

Jody has been a tattoo artist for 3 years now, and specializes in dotwork tattoos, stippling and pointillism tattoos of all styles!  Jody also is experienced in many forms of body piercing and a great tattoo design artist if you are looking for something custom drawn or have any ideas you would like changed to a masterpiece dotwork tattoo! Come visit Jody, email for inquires or come visit us at the tattoo shop at 23 King George Road, Brantford, Ontario Canada.

Heres some of our latest work.. visit our Gallery for more!


  • I had emailed Henry and he had me in the next day with amazing attention to detail before we even got to the shop. Once I was in the shop was greeted with a smile and I felt comfortable rite away. Very knowledgeable about tattoos and was happy to answer any questions I had. I was not rushed by any means. Excellent artist definitely the best I have ever had 10/10 would 100% Recommend Henry (Will not be disappointed) I will be back for lots more.

  • Great tattoos and amazing service. Henrys very kind and knows what he’s doing.

  • Five star work!  I love my tattoos, and will finish my arm soon, thanks for everything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HE LOVES HIS WORK.

    game addict
  • Hey Henry and Jody, thanks for everything guys.  I will be recommending you guys to all my friends and cant wait till I save up for my next tattoo.  Got some tribal done, and its so much blacker than my 2 friends who also have tribal.  You guys are the best, thanks for the awesome tattoo, see you soon again……..

    Alec D
  • We came from Kitchener and you guys got things ready fast, wow.  Friends told us about you guys and brought us here last week, got 2 tattoos done and still have enough for a drink this weekend… lol.  Thanks for the super tatts.

    Tiffany Salika
  • I love bodyart, and love taking pictures of my tattoos.  I think I will be covered soon, thanks for the AWESOME work Henry and can’t wait to see what you are drawing up for my next tattoo!  Your work is awesome and you gave me a better price than any of my other tattoos done in Hamilton.  I’ll be back soon!  Anna

  • Starting a sleeve, and doing great so far!  4-6 hour sessions is driving me crazy but its all worth it.  Check out my pictures, they should be in the gallery.  Love this place, and LOVE the hours, couldn’t be better for me.  THANKS.

  • …did a perfect cover-up, now I can wear my tanktop again.  Thanks for all the help in drawing up my tattoo, I cant stop looking at it, you guys are awesome!

    loyal client
  • Thanks for doing my eyebrows guys!  I always had to draw them on, now I can just wake up and go, couldn’t ask for more.  Wish I knew about you guys 8 years ago, but thanks for everything and the great deal…  curly

    happy client
  • Got alot of my work done here in the past, and last week just got another.  Henry is the best, I get all my fonts done here, I havent seen anyone in town do a better job at fonts, if your looking for fonts you HAVE to check these guys out!!!  Thanks Henry!

    Cable Guy
  • Been coming here for years, highly recommended and you wont find better service or quotes.  8 tattoos and counting!

    valued client
  • THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! You’re awesome! Beautiful tattoo and saved alot of $$$ THANKS!!

    just tattooed


BodyIllusions performs all styles of body branding!  Wow, everything from traditional strike branding to electro-surgical branding. We have years of experience to create your next branding masterpiece, email us today with your thoughts.

FREE Tattoo Touchups, Piercing Changes

We always offer completely free tattoo touchups of our work.  Most all studios charge for touchups, we dont.  We want your piece of art, and our business card… to look awesome. Body Piercing ring changes are also free if done here, no more paying, paying, paying!

Tattoo Styles We Offer

We perform all styles of tattoo art!  We specialize in Blackwork Tattoos, Bright Color Tattoos, Custom Tattoos and Cover-ups!

Cosmetic Tattoos & Permanent Make-up

If you are looking for Cosmetic Tattoos or Permanent Make-up, give us a call.  We perform all styles of Cosmetic, Medical Tattoos as well as all forms of Permanent makeup too, all at an affordable price!

Tattoo Cover-ups Reworking Recoloring

Tattoos sometimes need to be covered up, we all make mistakes.  We specialize in covering your old tattoos with brand new tattoos professionally.  We also re-work and re-color tattoos that are bad, or need to be freshened up, give us a call..!

Body Piercing from Head to Toe!

We have the longest body piercer in the area, with the most experience when it comes to your piercings!  We perform ALL BODY PIERCINGS from head to toe, and very spot in between.  We specialize in male/female genital piercings.  Affordable, best prices in the region… guaranteed!