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With the loss of a few of our artists, and the addition of our new artist Chris Prokop we are heading into new and better things. Our talent just keeps on growing. Our artists now consist of Jaime Pagan,, Bobby Cimorelli, and Chris Prokop, And our new piercer Ron . And as always on our shops Facebook page Relentless Ink Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing

Well, its virtually Christmas and we posted a couple of movies for everybody to take pleasure in to sum up a few of 2013 on the store.  Fun occasions on the tattoo parlour in 2013 and nice thus far this yr too!  BodyIllusions is situated in Brantford, Ontario Canada.  We had a enjoyable yr, nonetheless

Dark Horse Tattoo: New Website!

Monday, 02 December 2013 by

Please enjoy new Dark Horse Tattoos & Body Piercing website!

Our new site will be growing and changing as we are able to add new content. Please bear with us during our growing pains. We will populate the website as quickly as we can but the process is daunting because have so many new bells and whistles!

Thanks and enjoy!

TattoonowTV will be Webcasting LIVE from The “Outside the Box” Art Collective at Visions Tattoo, Piercing & Art Gallery in Medway, MA. Join us Sunday, Dec.8th 2013 from 3pm-1am. All artists welcome!! Painting and webcast with Ron Earhart, London, Jeff Gogue, & Guy Aitchison!! A great opportunity to paint with others, get some free exposure and Q&A with some tattoo heavyweights!!
Contact Canman at 508-533-1369 for details

Art Of Affliction: T.T.C.

Friday, 18 October 2013 by

We have exciting news!
Taunton Tattoo Company
Coming soon!
Come check us out!
October 31st
Click the link below for more info

It has been a year since I’ve updated this site. Since my last update I’ve had some changes at Pinz and Needlez. My biggest decision recently was to cross out piercings all together. The reality is that the Tattoo/Piercing business is changing, growing and finding new ways to improve. Our APP certified piercer Dan Steinbacher is going far and its been a pleasure having him at Pinz. On another note, two of the shops main artists, Chad Miskimon and Matthew Hitt are no longer at Pinz and Needlez. If you need to contact either of them, hit them up via Facebook. Im sure that this iis just another bump in the road, and i wish you guys the best. Changes are a part of life, and this year has been a metamorphosi for me.. I am refocusing my energy back to what has been true all along, my love for the art, and for appreciating the people that have my back. To all those clientele out there. New or old, please be patient. If it has been longer than 3 months please try to send another email. I try my best to get back to all of you!!

Demonic Update

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 by

Back in 2008, ModBlog posted pictures of an incredible nostril and septum resculpting with another entry early in the healing and one more four weeks later. I thought it was about time that an update be posted, since Bogotá, Colombia based tattoo artist, piercer, and alternative model Caim Divell (click here for his fan page) is one of the most remarkable looking people in body modification (and BME’s early entries generated one hell of a lot of debate). As you can see he has reduced the size of his horns, which were at one point the largest forehead implants ever installed, but other than that, his look has continued to evolve. There are very few people who have pushed a concept transformation to this degree, and I would argue that living as a demonic embodiment of metal is socially more challenging than being, say, the Lizardman. As I said, there’s more info on Caim’s surgical modifications in the early posts, but I should mention here that they were created by Emilio Gonzalez (

Ocean Beach Pier Guerrilla Suspension

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 by

The Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego is the largest concrete pier on the West Coast, extending almost two thousand feet into an often epic ocean, the kind of misty scene that deserves a soundtrack fit for a moon landing. Third Eye Perception Flesh Suspension (; who you may remember for the baby-bouncing superman) chose this modern yet primal landscape as the site for an ideal guerrilla suspension. If you like the picture, don’t miss the video.

Silicone-encased Sacred Object Implant

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 by

Jonah Wagner’s girlfriend, Namru La Vey, had a lapis lazuli stone disc, something that she’d treasured for thirteen years before giving it to Jonah, making him swear never to lose it. About three years ago Jonah crossed paths with Steve Haworth ( at the BMXnet conference, where he asked Steve whether he could build a a silicone implant around the disc — because lapis contains a wide cross-section of minerals, it’s unlikely that it could be safely implanted without being sheathed in a biocompatible scabbard to isolate it. Steve did some experiments to figure out the best way to cast silicone around the stone, and two years later sent Jonah a large silicone cross with the stone suspended in the center. Because of its size, he had Samppa Von Cyborg help out as well by cutting down the implant slightly so it would be more suited to a hand, and finally the pact was sealed as Jonah’s girlfriend, the original holder and gifter of the stone, implanted the cross into Jonah’s hand (with help from their boss Andrea Venhaus) at the Dortmund, Germany studio they all work at, Deep Metal (

The pictures below show the project the day of implantation, in November 2012, and in healed pictures taken a few days ago. Same drill as always — click and for the big pic.