Where is your studio located?

Our tattoo shop and body piercing shop is located in Brantford, Ontario.  Our address is 23 King George Road, Brantford, Ontario N3R5J8.  We are close to Rogers and the nearest intersection is Charing Cross.

What Styles of Tattooing Does your Tattoo Studio offer?

Our tattoo shop offers all styles of tattooing.  Our main artist has over 25+ years experience so we have pretty well done it all.  We repair bad tattoos, cover-ups and re-color old tattoos as long as they are not scarred up.  We do blackwork tattoos, full and half sleeve tattoos, full bright colour tattoos and from the smallest tattoo to full backs.  Our artist specializes in tattoo fonts of all styles, as many of you know.

We also specialize in all forms of cosmetic tattoos, including medical tattoos, mastectomy tattoos, permanent make-up and so much more.  Come check us out, and go through our photo gallery, we will be updating it again shortly with alot of newer photos from the end of last year and this year!   Check them out, they are awesome tattoos.

Do you do cover-ups/fixes/touchups of other tattoo artists?

Our tattoo shop offers cover-ups, re-coloring and bringing those old tattoos back to life!  As long as your tattoo region or tattoo itself is not scarred you are welcome to come into the tattoo shop and talk with a tattoo artist and see if they can help you.  We dont charge crazy prices to repair alot of work, however, if its bad, or needs multi-sessions, then the price may be a little more.  Our tattoo prices and tattoo quotes are always the absolute lowest in the entire region, just ask anyone who has been here!

What are your hours of operation for BodyIllusions Tattoo Shop?

We are basically open 7 days a week, including all holidays as always.  Our basic hours have always been around 3pm to 3am, so use that for guidelines.  Sometimes we get busy and our hours can be weird.  We always accept walk-ins if we are open and we are not busy at the time you arrive.  We do our best to help everyone out.

Its always best to email us using our Contact Us page or phone us.  Email is always fastest and best for us as we see it faster.  Thanks and see you soon.

What type of Body Piercings does you studio perform?

We have the most experienced body piercer in the region with over 25+ years experience in all styles of body piercings including dermal implants, stretching and custom body piercings!   We offer all styles and forms of body piercings from head to toe, including male and female genital piercings.   We only use 316L grade surgical stainless steel or implant grade titanium for all piercing procedures!

Our body piercing prices havent changed in YEARS, so expect the best prices you will find anywhere, guaranteed!

Does you tattoo shop offer strike/electro-surgical branding?

Yes!  We are the ONLY tattoo shop in the area that offers such body modification.  We specialize in traditional strike branding, electro-surgical branding and custom designs!  We also offer cutting and other body modifications, please contact us through the website or email us with your body modification inquires, we would be more than happy to help you out.

Does your shop offer any other styles of Body Modifications?

Absolutely!  We love body modifications and have been doing it for YEARS.  We are always interested in your inquires and more than welcome you to discuss your needs with an body modification artist at the shop.  Please email us with your interests and we will do our best to help you out.  You can also use our Contact Us page.

Do your artists travel at all, if so, how does that work?

We have had inquiries from disabled people who cannot make it to our shop, and we more than welcome your inquires and interests.  We also travel occasionally to Woodstock, Sarnia, Kitchener and Hamilton areas, so if you are in those areas and cannot make it here, let us know, maybe we can make it to you!   We will do special appointments, however there will be a charge if we have to travel out of our way as you are well aware.  If we can make it happen, we will do our best, we love what we do!   Contact us through our Contact Us page and let us know your situation.

Does your Tattoo Studio meet all safety & health regulations?

Absolutely!  We actually exceed all health board standards and regulations to assure your visit is safe and procedure is clean and healthy.  We are proud to have been doing this over 25+ years, and not one complaint or investigation with our studio.  Our record is perfect and we are proud of it, so feel safe if you are curious about our tattoo shop.

There are so many tattoo shops coming and going these days, be careful with your body and health and be sure to double, make that triple check out any new tattoo shops that haven’t been in business long and may be cutting corners.  Its your body, your life, protect it – and DONT GET A TATTOO IN SOMEONES BASEMENT.

Do tattoos hurt? Are Tattoos Painful?

Great question! Our best advice is that everyone has their own pain tolerance level, this means you too.  Some find it very enjoyable, while others hate it… but they all keep coming back, so it can’t be that bad!   We suggest clicking here and visiting our Do Tattoos Hurt page, there’s a wealth of information on this page and it will hopefully answer your questions or get you on the right path to your answers.

BodyIllusions Tattoo Shop caters to cowards, we dont have an attitude and more than welcome new clients all the time to make your tattoo a very special experience that you can remember and enjoy the rest of your life!   Come see us today, don’t worry, you can always say no at the last minute and it won’t cost you a dime.

What if I can't find the tattoo design I am wanting?

We have 2 very talented tattoo artists here that are more than willing to help you come up with your ideas and create your masterpiece for you.  We love our work, we look forward to it every day, so bring your ideas to us, email us your ideas at:


We ask if you are emailing us, to send us a very detailed outlook of what you are wanting or expecting.  Let us know what your ideas are, what you are thinking, where it is going and about what size you want it.. these are important factors.  Also send us any pictures, drawings or other ideas you have via email so we can see what your seeing.. or if you found a picture you need changed or modified, thats what we are here for, give us the challenge!   See you soon..

Is there such a thing as tattoo addiction?

Tattoo Addiction is very real..!  We actually have a great article explaining quite a bit about tattoo addictions and reasons behind them.  If you want to read this article, just click here.  We encourage you to share the article with your friends or anyone else that wants to learn a little about being addicted to tattoos or getting new tattoos.

How come I cannot find my tattoo picture on your website?

We do our very best to get all the clients tattoo pictures and body piercing pictures as well as permanent makeup photos and body modification photos up as soon as we can.  We have years of photos, some need scanned and some are on SDcards.  We do our best to get them all up as soon as possible, we are putting new photos up monthly and sooner when we get the chance to do it.

When we post the new tattoo pictures, we select them randomly, from past to current as we have alot of older pictures also to put up.  They are in no specific order or preference, we are putting all the photos up eventually, there is just thousands to go through and alot of work sorting them out, so we do the best we can!

PLEASE NOTE! Also, some clients leave too fast, or we get too busy and we miss taking your photo.  If this is the case, PLEASE email us your tattoo photos that you have of the work you got done here, body piercings or mods too.  We love to keep pictures of ALL of our work, and if you dont see your picture online, or your sure we didnt take a photo, please email us your photo at:   tattoo@bodyillusionsonline.com

Thanks so much, and if you dont see your picture up yet, it should be soon!

What if i find an error on the website, or something doesnt work?

We do our best to make sure everything is working fast and tip top shape.  If you find any errors or things are not working as you think they should, please use the CONTACT US page, and let us know (in detail please) of what went wrong and we will fix it as soon as possible and send you an email to confirm we got your notice.

We appreciate any reports, as we wish to keep the website fast, safe & secure.

Do I have to register to see the pictures?

All tattoo pictures and tattoo galleries are completely available to everyone, members and visitors.  If there is a special area that requires membership, you will have to sign-up for free to get access to that area.

If you dont see your picture online, please email us any pictures you have – including body piercings, brandings and cosmetic procedures.  We want to have all clients photos if possible, so if we missed yours, please email us:



Do you put EVERY picture online?

Basically yes, unless it is a male/female genital piercing photo.  Due to the size of the city and protecting your privacy, we do not post sensitive pictures.  We do keep them for our personal portfolio though, and to prove our experience level if requested by someone who is getting a similar procedure.

If you dont see your tattoo photos or other photos online, please email us you personally taken photos, so we can add them to our gallery or personal portfolio of our work.  Our email address is:


Can I email you a picture to put in your galleries?

Absolutely!  If you have a better or nicer picture of your tattoo or body piercing, please email us at the email address below. Even if we already have your photo online, or somehow you don’t like your photo, then please send us a few pictures that you do like and shows off your tattoos.   We will put any pictures emailed to us online as soon as we can, fast as possible.

We may also be starting a new gallery with VISITOR PHOTOS of their tattoos, as we have been asked, so if we do, we will post that information in our blog and you will also see it in the galleries.  It will be clearly marked Visitor Photos somehow.

Thanks and please email any pics to: tattoo@bodyillusionsonline.com

Is your website Mobile Friendly for iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc?

YES! Our website is 100% mobile device friendly!  We recently completely overhauled the website, and the website is 100% mobile friendly for all mobile devices, including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, iPads, Tablets and all Laptops!   Our website is fully responsive also, and the layout will change when you are logged in via a browser verses a mobile device.  The content is the same, it just displays better and perfect for mobile devices.

Our website has a brand new look also!  Enjoy the ease of getting around, and be sure to stop by the TATTOO PHOTO GALLERY, we have uploaded over 1,000 client photos already, but we have alot more to put up this month.   We will be adding more tattoo and body piercing pictures throughout the month, with alot being some of our more recent tattoo photos and body piercing photos.

Enjoy the new website and layout, and please LIKE and SHARE any pictures with your friends, and if your photo is not online or you dont see it, or even if you have a better picture of your tattoo or body piercing… please email up a few pictures at:


We will update any photos emailed to us asap.

Can I email photos of my stuff I got done at your shop?

Yes of course!  If you have better photos than we do of your tattoo, body piercing, branding, body modification or permanent make-up then please email us a few pictures so we can put them in our galleries for all oour visitors to check out.  If it is a photo we only keep in our personal portfolio at the shop, then please let us know and we will not put it online.  We love to keep records and copies of all our work for reference and experience to show others that may be getting the same procedure.

Email us a few pictures at:  tattoo@bodyillusionsonline.com

Sometimes people just take awesome pictures of their work done here, and if you would like us to post them, simply send them to us and we will put them online!

Do I have to register to see the photo galleries?

No.  The photo galleries are open to all visitors and members.  Just click here or goto our galleries and check out our latest uploads!  Some awesome work lately!

How often do you update your photo galleries?

We do our best to update our tattoo photo gallery and body piercing gallery as often as we can.  Whenever things are slow or we get some time, we upload some to the website.  We dont pick any particular pictures, they are all sent random from past and present.

If you email us your pictures, try to make sure they are decent resolution and we will put them up ASAP when we get the chance and put them as a priority.  Thanks!

Email a few pics to: tattoo@bodyillusionsonline.com

Got a question?

If you have a question, click on the next tab at the top which says “Submit a question” and we will update our FAQs on our next web update.  If you have a great Question *and* Answer that visitors might want to know, let us know and we will post it as soon as possible.

Do you have a question for us?  Simply leave your detailed information and your question you have for one of the tattoo artists and we will do our best to answer the question if we feel it will be beneficial to our visitors.  If you have FAQ that you can answer, that you think will help others, please also let us know so we can put it online.

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